About us

We offer a free service to obtain competitive business gas and electricity prices from all major energy suppliers.

We help you through the switching process to make your switch go as smoothly as possible. If you switch your business gas or electricity supplier using our service, the price we quote is the price you pay and our specially negotiated rates are often better than going direct to the energy supplier.

Our service is completely impartial and hassle free, we handle all the paperwork.

In addition to this we also offer a bespoke dispute resolution service, using our extensive industry knowledge to liaise and resolve any issues that you may have with your supplier.

Having industry knowledge gives us a unique insight into the way suppliers handle and view complaints/disputes. Quite often issues are left unresolved, in many cases for a number of years.

Enlisting an experienced specialist to manage your dispute will often prompt a supplier to prioritise issues and bring a prompt resolution to matters.

Again, this service is completely impartial and in most cases we will not charge a fee for these services, since they are either paid by way of suppliers’ commissions or from refunds and compensation obtained.

Why use us


Completely Free switching and energy account management service


Impartial service, comparing prices from all suppliers.

Our people

Our friendly energy experts can answer all your questions

Hassle free

We handle all the paperwork – completely hassle free


Audit Service: We will audit historical billing where there is doubt or difficulty

Dispute resolution

Consultancy Overview Service & Dispute Resolution: Often required for situations that require specialist knowledge.