3 easy steps

Step 1

Send us a copy of a recent bill and your contract renewal date (if known).

Step 2

We will obtain competitive prices from our panel of suppliers.

Step 3

We handle all the paperwork and put your new contract in place.

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Resolution Service

Optimus Utilities also offer a bespoke dispute resolution service, using our extensive industry knowledge to liaise and resolve any existing issues or complaints that you may have with your supplier.

Multiple Sites & Group Purchasing 

We can help your business save on energy costs by negotiating a bespoke contract for all your sites. One contract end date, one supplier and a much lower rate than having different suppliers for each site.


Free Energy Account Audit  

With numerous tariffs and confusing charges, many businesses are unkowingly paying too much for their gas and electricity. Optimus Utilities offer a free service that will identify any areas where you can make savings.


My contract is due for renewal soon, what do I need to do?

Send us a copy of a recent gas or electricity bill along with any renewal details. We will then obtain competitive prices from our panel of suppliers.

You don’t charge a fee so how do you get paid?

Suppliers will pay us a fee for introducing you as a new customer or retaining your business.

Which suppliers do you work with?

We work with all leading suppliers to ensure our clients have access to the best energy deals.

Do you help all types of businesses?

Yes, our portfolio of clients covers many sectors ranging from convenience stores and restaurants to hotels and care homes.

I have recently moved into new premises and I don’t know who my supplier is?

Please contact us and we can find out this information for you and ensure you don’t end up paying high out of contract rates.

I cant remember signing a contract, however our supplier states that we have one?

If you are in this situation, we will investigate for you and aim to find a solution. We will ask you to complete a Letter of Authority that allows us to request relevant information from your supplier.

I have a dispute/complaint with my supplier, can you help?

Yes, please contact us and one of our specialists will discuss the matter with you. We will then ask you to complete a Letter of Authority that allows us to request relevant information from your supplier.

What our clients say

Optimus Utilities helped us save 30% on our current rates. As a small business this helped us to significantly lower our gas and electricity costs. A very efficient and professional service. Our account manager kept us updated throughout the whole process.

Rai Stores

Optimus Utilities arranged our gas and electricity supply contracts for our new premises. At a time when we were busy with renovations etc they ensured that a competitive rate was put in place and they handled our change of tenancy paperwork with the existing supplier. Great customer service and a pleasure to deal with.

Individual Specialist Care

Optimus Utilities saved us over £10,000 on the gas renewal contract for our hotel. Our account manager ensured all the paperwork was completed with minimal fuss. In addition to this they even managed to get us a £1,400 refund for incorrect meter operator charges on our electricity supply. We continue to use their services and I would definitely recommend them to other hotel operators.

Birmingham Hotel

We use Optimus Utilities to negotiate the energy supply contracts for all our sites. We previously had different suppliers for each site and it a lot of hassle trying to remember contract end dates and termination dates. Optimus Utilities now take care of this for us and ensure that our sites are renewed on time and at competitive rates.

JDL Leisure Ltd

Working with